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Revision Policy

We at GetPersonalEssay.com pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality work all the time. However, if for some reason, we fall below our expected standard, you can request a revision of your paper as per our revision policy.

All Revisions Are Free Once They Adhere to Our Revision Rules and Guidelines:

  • Request a revision before approving the paper or within 7 days after the paper has been delivered

To have your paper revised, you must first ensure that you submit it to us using the “revision request” option found under your profile. This request for revision must be submitted before you have accepted and approved the final paper or within the following 7 days after the paper has been delivered. There is also a 14 day delay on request for revision on papers longer than 20 pages.

  • Ensure that the revision request is within the guidelines of the original instructions delivered with the original order.

Your revision request must not contradict with the original guidelines for the paper. Once you request to have your paper revised, it will be passed onto our quality control team. If the team reviews the paper and it complied with your original instructions, we will not be able to give you a revision. It is therefore imperative that you deliver proper instructions with your paper when placing your order.

  • Once you have followed our specifications, you can have all your papers reviewed for free. There will be no additional charges, ever.

Placing a New Order With Us

If your paper does not qualify for a review or you require more pages to be added to the original paper delivered, you may opt to place a new order with all your new requirements. At GetPersonalEssay.com, we value our customers and as such we do everything to deliver the highest quality services. However, not all work will be viable for review and as such, we cannot emphasize enough that you deliver careful instructions with all orders made with us.
Always remember that we have a 14 day deadline for orders that have already been approved by you. Once the 14 day deadline has passed, we cannot review your work again and you will need to place new order if you require further assistance with your paper.