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The terms and conditions stated here depict each person's use of this website. By using this website, you show full acceptance of our terms and conditions. If for any reason you disagree with anything stated in these terms and conditions, please do not use this site at all.


There is no age limit associated with the use of this website and anyone who is in need of our services is granted full access.

Cookies are used on this website and by using this website; you show that you are in agreement with these terms.

Description of Services and Terms of Use

The services offered on this website is one of professionally written academic papers done base on the clients request and instructions. These writing assignments are completed by independent writers who are certified and professional in the fields that they write. GetPersonalEssay.com does not offer any guarantee as it pertains to the grade the client will receive. Once the work is delivered to the client, the client is free to use it as they see fit because they will then be, the sole proprietor of the document.


General Order, Pricing Terms of Use

The preceding Terms and Conditions apply to all orders placed for any academic writing services requested by you from GetPersonalEssay.com. These services include but are not limited to Thesis Statements, Dissertations, College Essays and Course Works.



a) All orders submitted through GetPersonalEssay.com is subjected to acceptance by our team and only receipt of a confirmation agreement is proof that your order has been confirmed. To place an order, the client must ensure that they provide all the necessary information. This information includes: correct telephone number and a valid email address. This information is needed to contact all clients as it relates to orders placed with GetPersonalEssay.com. If the client fails to provide the required information, this may lead to an incomplete project and the client will lose all claims made due to violation of the terms and agreement as stated in this document.

b) GetPersonalEssay.com reserves all rights to accept or reject any order and has the right to place a limit on the maximum amount of order being placed.

c) All orders placed are subjected to review before being accepted and can be declined if we do not have a suitable writer on call to do the assignment. Orders can be declined even after a confirmation agreement has been sent. Failure to find the appropriate writer to complete a task negates all previous agreements.

d) To aid in the completion of all orders placed with (Company Website), the writers will use all available sources for research. These sources include but are not limited books, journals and various online publications. Clients of GetPersonalEssay.com are responsible for providing any additional sources required for completion of a paper. There is a strict time frame for the delivery of additional resources and the schedule is as follows:

  • Orders needed within 10 days, requires a delivery of resources within the first 8 hours or placing the order.
  • Resources should be delivered within an hour for urgent orders needed within 48 hours
  • Resources must be delivered within 20 minutes for orders needed within a 12 hour time frame.

Failure to provide the required information within the stated time frame will violate this agreement and loss of claims that may be made to the stated guarantees.

e) It is the responsibility of the clients to select the appropriate academic level at which they wish to have the paper written. This level should be selected when placing the order. If there is a mistake when the order is being placed, the client is expected to contact the company to have the problem corrected.

f) If an order is placed and the instructions provided does not correspond with the information provided in the order, GetPersonalEssay.com reserves the right to decline the order and not complete it. If the wrong academic level and or paper is selected, the client may be required to make an additional payment and select a new deadline. This term is necessary to provide the best service possible and no additional charges will be made unless it is approved by the client himself.


Price and Payment

a)All prices listed on this website is inclusive of tax and are subjected to change without further notice. Orders placed prior to price change will not be affected by the change and customers will only pay the amount they paid prior to the change.

b) Once an order is made, it must be paid for through the online payment system provided by GetPersonalEssay.com. Before payment can be made, you must provide the payment option that best suits you along with your billing information. This information is required, along with any other information needed to complete an order.

c) If you have tried to make a payment and it has failed for one reason or another, GetPersonalEssay.com will provide you with an invoice that is payable by credit card or cheque within 3 days from the date stated on the invoice.

d) Orders placed with GetPersonalEssay.com cannot begin unless the total amount is paid for the services being requested. Please pay very close attention to the information you provide because GetPersonalEssay.com will not be held responsible for works not delivered on time because of failure due to client error. Special offers and discounts are offered to lessen the final amount the client is expected to pay. These special offers and discounts help to ease a financial burden; however, they cannot be used together at any time. Discounts being offered are applied to an order base on the overall page count of the paper being requested.


Delivery of Orders

GetPersonalEssay.com aims to provide their customers with the highest quality service. It is therefore the customer’s duty to provide the company with the valid contact information so that the company can contact the customer if there is a problem with the order placed and meeting the deadline. GetPersonalEssay.com is always kept updated with the latest software to make all orders and delivery a smooth transition. In the case of late delivery of an order, the company takes full responsibility if the problem is a reflection of a fault on their side. However, if the customer does not receive the assignment on the specified due date because of a fault beyond the company’s control, such as an incorrect email address, the company cannot be held responsible.

Once the finished paper is delivered on or before the specified deadline, the company releases all ties and connection to the document and cannot be held responsible if the customer is unable to acquire the file from the system.