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Entrusting your academic paper to a writing service is the same as entrusting your academic future to that same company. If you wish to be successful in your current academic career and your careers thereafter, the onus is on you to hire a writing service, such as ours, that not only promises quality services but one that will also offer a money back guarantee.


At GetPersonalEssay.com, our money back guarantee speaks volume about our professional services because you will be able to get a refund on your assignment if the work does not match our promised standard. If a refund is expected however, there are certain guidelines that must be followed. Please keep in mind that our money back guarantee is transparent and there are no hidden clause that will prevent you from getting your refund. Once you have filed a claim for a refund and the reason for filing this claim is failure on our part, a refund will be given within 4 to 6 working days after the claim has been filed and the paper has been reviewed.


How our Refunds Work?


At GetPersonalEssay.com, we offer both full and partial refunds. If you opt to cancel your order before it is assigned to the writer, you will get a full refund; no charge to you at all. However, if the work was already assigned to a writer and the deadline is drawing near, you will only be refunded 70% of the amount paid because the writer will need to be paid for the time they have put into the paper already. If you decide to cancel your order half way through the writing process, a 50% cancellation fee must be paid. The work however, cannot be cancelled once the paper is finished and have been delivered to you.


If you have made an order by mistake and wish to cancel it, please do so immediately because once the work has been assigned to a writer, you cannot receive a full refund and the above refund policies must be adhered to.


Price Recalculation


At GetPersonalEssay.com, our customers mean everything to us. Therefore, we ensure that we deliver all our work on time; however, if there is a problem and the first draft of your assignment was not delivered on the specified due date, you may request to have the total amount recalculated. For example, if your paper is 1 hour late, you can petition to have the total cost of your order recalculated, where you may receive up to 7% refund.


If there is a problem with the quality of your work, you may request a partial refund, a free revision of your paper or ask for a new writer to be assigned. If you request to have your paper revised, keep in mind that a new deadline must be made and that the original deadline is no longer valid. If you seek a refund because of quality, we will need 4-6 days to review the problem and make the refund as per your request.