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What is the unique difference between the services offered by GetPersonalEssay.com and all other academic writing services?

GetPersonalEssay.com is an organized academic writing company, built with professional writers who have all been trained to create custom written papers. The papers we create are constructed based on your guidelines and you will never find a copy of your work anywhere, on or off the internet. Our client’s Guarantee emphasizes all the reasons why GetPersonalEssay.com is the number one choice for all academic writing needs.

Is there a charge for placing orders with GetPersonalEssay.com?

There is only a service charge placed on orders when the final writer have been selected and assigned to your work. This means that you may submit your specific guidelines and have it evaluated by our team, at no cost to you. We will also have our writers do a 100 word sample per your request in order for you to choose the best writer for your assignment. Once you have chosen your writer and is ready to have the work completed a deposit is required and the final amount is made payable upon completion of the work.

What makes your writing service different from others?

We know how complex it is to understand industry jargons; as such, we have created our “How it Works” page that explains exactly what we do at GetPersonalEssay.com and the chronological process that follows once you order an academic writing from us. Customer satisfaction is our most important priority and that is why everything is broken down and explained in our “How it Works” section.

Is it possible for the progress of my order to be monitored?

Once you have decided to place an order with our company, you will be required to create a personal profile. Once this profile has been created, you will be able to track the progress of your paper as our system is automatically updated and a step by step draft is loaded to your profile. This is done to keep you up-to-date with the progress of your work and to make it easy for you to provide us with added information if it is needed.

Do we get to choose the preferred formatting and writing styles for ordered academic papers?

Due to the fact that all our papers are custom written to meet your academic needs, the writing styles and format used to write your paper is chosen base on the guidelines and instructions that you provide. Writing formats such as Chicago Style, APA, MLA and Turabian are the most used academic writing styles and once a writing style has been specified, your paper will be written following all the rules and guidelines as it pertains to the selected format.

How will I get my writing materials to the professional writers at GetPersonalEssay.com?

Once your order has been placed, it is advised that you submit all documentation, research and instructions that you would like to be included in your paper. By submitting your materials early, the writer assigned to your paper can begin working immediately. However, if you have added information to send to your writer after you have placed your order, these materials can be easily sent via email or through the message center on our website.

Am I allowed to talk to the writer assigned to my paper?

The end product we create is yours and as such, you need to be in full control of the information and ideas that are incorporated into the paper. Because the work is yours, you are allowed to communicate with your writer through our specially designed message board. This system makes it possible for you to provide the writer with additional information that will initially lead to the success of your paper.

How do you choose the best writer to work on a specific paper?

All our writers are professional English writers and as such, all writers are pre-qualified to write any academic paper. A writer is however assigned to an order base on their experience in a specified subject matter. For example, one of our Ph.D writers would be assigned to writing a dissertation or one of our history scholars would be assigned to writing a research paper on the World Wars. It does not matter the subject area; you can rest easy knowing that your paper will be completed by professionals who guarantees your success.

What qualifications do your writers have?

Our writers are all trained and each writer on our team is a fully certified professional, holding either a Ph.D or a Masters in their specific subject area. The writer we assign to a specific task is chosen base on your requirements and the topic your paper is about.

Do you have a refund policy and how does it work?

With our guarantee being 100% satisfaction, we aim to provide our clients with the most outstanding academic papers possible. However, if for some reason you seek a refund, we will give full refund up to 3 days after the paper has been completed and delivered to you. We will also do a full revision of the paper, free, if our 100% satisfaction is not delivered. This revision must be done within the first 15-30 days of completion, depending on the complexity of the paper. For example, a thesis statement or dissertation has a 30 day grace period in order for it to be reviewed.

Will my order be kept confidential?

Privacy is important in our business and as such, we value our client’s privacy by keeping all personal information 100% confidential. This information is not disclosed to any third party individuals and your personal information is even kept from the writers as well. All email addresses, telephone numbers, names and locations are withheld and you are strictly prohibited from sharing this information with anyone of our writers as well. At GetPersonalEssay.com, we are strictly professional and as such, our professionalism is expressed in our guarantee of confidentiality.

Is on time delivery guaranteed?

Our guarantee is not only for confidentiality and refunds; we also offer a 100% on time delivery guarantee as well. We value our customers and their work; therefore, we commit ourselves to always delivering your paper on, or before the specified deadline. This deadline is passed to the writer assigned to your paper and is adhered to, at all times. To ensure an on time delivery however, it is imperative that you upload all required documents at the time your order is placed. Failure to do so will present difficulties for the writer and may compromise your delivery. To avoid this, please play your part, as we do ours and deliver your paper on time.

Will my professor ever know that I have been using your service?

We believe in keeping all our client’s information confidential and as such, nothing shared with us will ever be shared with a third party individual. This means that your professor or anyone else will ever know that you hired us to do the work for you. We are professional and all of our writers sign a nondisclosure agreement, which means that they cannot, under no circumstance, disclose your information with anyone they know.

Will I be charged any additional fees for using your service?

At GetPersonalEssay.com, we believe in being honest and straightforward. The amount charged when an order is being placed is the only fee you will be required to pay for that particular paper. There are no hidden fees or surcharges and you will only be required to make additional payments if you make a change to your original order. It is therefore strongly recommended that you are certain about what you want before placing an order.

Is there a guarantee that my paper will be 100% original without plagiarism?

We value our reputation and yours. That is why all works created by us are written to be 100% original, as per your guidelines and specifications. After the paper is completed by the assigned writer, it goes through our quality assurance team. In this department, the paper is checked for plagiarism and grammatical errors before it is approved and sent to you.